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Oscar Bermudez

Oscar Bermudez

I had a wonderful and smooth experience having Rocio and Mark Valladares assist me. They made sure that all my questions where answered and help hunt down appointment times/deadlines. I would of never found the house that was in the process of being built if it wasn’t for them! Me and my significant other are so happy and greatful to have Mark and Rocio help us, we love you guys thank you so so much for everything!

Bought a Single Family home in 2022 in Palm Bay, FL.
Local Knowledge : *****
Process Expertise : *****
Responsiveness : *****
Negotiation Skills : *****

Highly recommend! Mark and Rocio do not play around and will get you the house you are dreaming for.

Catherine Guadalupe Avilés

Catherine Guadalupe Avilés

I got the house of my dreams at Florida and 2 other properties thanks to them! I highly recommend Getuhouse if you are looking for the best real estate services. They’re the finest at what they do.

I am deeply grateful with you guys Rocio Mark Valladares and Mark, the best realtors in the area!

They speak both languages: English and Spanish. Don’t hesitate and call them now.

Jose Rivera

Jose Rivera

Selecting a real estate professional to represent me in the sale of my home was a major decision. After 18 months of rehab hard money payments and home improvements I was looking for a professional who could help me realize the best possible return on my investment. Mark Valladares was the right choice.

Mark listened closely to my needs, visit my property in South Daytona which was 1.5 hours from his home to developed a plan with his team specific to my home, and then implemented the plan. It required that we invest in certain improvements and that we follow the recommendations of his team but it was all worth it. After several days on the market Mark presented three offers.

We had a lot of deferred maintenance so needed to get our home in resale shape. Mark went to each and every room and gave us a list of what needed to be done.

Additionally, he sought out professional house inspector to provide me with a total maintenance list. Before we completed everything on the list we got a cash offer. He recommended to bring in a professional stager, who really helped us with showing the home in its best light and a photographer who made beautiful flyers for the showing. Due to his internal networking he actually had an interested buyer for us. In any event, true to his word, his untiring efforts, hard work and total dedication our home was sold within at the price we were asking. (unfortunately had a contingency so we didn’t accept it). Mark is very hard-working, responsive, and really looks out for the best interest of his clients. I had no idea how much actually went into selling a house and was very glad to have a professional like him in my corner with all the resources that he brought with him. I would highly recommend him.

Thank you for your selfless service.

Millerlay Pannucci

Millerlay Pannucci

I am Millerlay Pannucci. Highly Recommend The Team! Mark and Rocio Valladares from GetUHouse. Buying or selling a home can be difficult and stressful, however not if u choose GetUHouse Team!!! They are trusworty, knowledgeable and well experienced. My personal experience was: The Best!!! They give you the best advise from homebuyers, homeowners and sellers. They facilitate the purchase and sale of your home. They prepared your documents they will advise you and guide you in the best way possible and educated you in regards to market ? value! All services and experienced from Realto to a Broker all in one team! They will act for you! In timely manner and they will work for you! Like they did for me! Im very greatful to have them! And you will too! Call GetUHouse Today you will be glad you did! Thank you! Rocio and Mark. YOU ARE THE BEST!!!

Mr. & Mrs. Cole Swatek

If you are looking for the most dependable, understanding, available, and nicest people to help you sell or buy a house/home, then look no further! Rocio and Mark are outstanding at their job and do whatever they can to help you achieve your dreams. They work around your schedule not matter the time of day, they explain every step that is going on so you do not miss a beat, and they work all night getting you the information you ask them for. I could not think of a better team to help anyone in this line of work. Absolutely outstanding!!

Carlos R Alvarez

My name is Carlos R alvarez, I live at 870 Angle st Palm Bay Fl 32905 thank to Rocio Valladares,I was calling her requesting her service and in less than three month I got my home.It is good to point out that she was at my side at all the times in order to get the right home,her communication with  me was very impressive,showing at all times her professional skill as a real state agent,and been with me step by step,like family.Other point that I need to show up is that she was not only helping me step by step as I said,she was encharged to be dealing with the bank and the real state that had listed the house regarding all the matters of the house till I did the closing. I recommend Rocio Valladares as a real state agent 100%.

Rosaura Lopez

I’m from Puerto Rico and wanted to move to Florida , I started my search for my new home a year ago . Contact several realtors who were demanding things that made me see this process as very difficult to perform. It was just a little difficult and that did not speak very good English but this  detail is added other demands like I had to open a bank account in Florida and beyond move my money. Others who had to be present for the search of the house and others who had to rent for at least a year before buying to see if the like the area . Next me all these demands while trying to talk to them for some home I will cause interest , were never available or call me then what they promised never happened. Anyway, I was about to cancel all my dreams, when a flash of light occurred in one of my visits to Zillow , they present me a part of your staff realtor and among them was Rocio Valladares . Immediately I thought that name was a person of Hispanic roots and not mistake me , Rocio speaks fluent Spanish and English. I contacted her and from the beginning it was a very friendly, enthusiastic and above all professional. Started my search together, I sent him the houses I liked and she checked availability.Rocio also began to send variety of homes , and she want that I’m to tell her that I liked and did not , that way she would know my tastes and preferences. As I was limited financially and my purchase was cash was not easy to get the house, but never discouraged Rocio unlike me she saw it as a challenge and promised me she would get me home. And do not lie , and he did . He found a home in my size both in size for my pocket. Rocio and her husband Mark Valladares were my eyes in Florida. They sent pictures with all the details of the house . They just were asking something, to make sure the purchase of any home was most important to inspect the house before buying it was optional but that was a great investment as they advised the inspection to be free of any future problems . In fact pass that experience with the first house • Options with her. Was inspected and the result emerged that there was a strong possibility that the residence inspector advised moth and a second inspection with an expert in the field. The other inspectors confirm the above, the house had moth. Immediately purchase was canceled and there was Rocio pending that I return the soon to be paid and had to cancel everything.If not for your advice I would have bought a problem. After another offer not accepted by the bank. Finally came a house that we taste , the Rocio quickly went to visit and sent me more pictures of all their detail. Then Rocio was also with her husband, as excellent professionals who verified that the residence was what I wanted. After a counter offer and a small bank which we accept , we confirmed that the bank accepted and we inspected the house and with the help of Mark and Rocio the whole process was performed. Electronically signed documents and bank to bank funds were transferred . In 23 days I was signing the closing of my house. Although it was not necessary that all could be done in electronic form , travel to the closing date , I wanted to do two things , see my house and hug the ANGELS that were the main protagonist of this dream come true. Without them I would not have succeeded . No need to have bank account in Florida , need not be present to choose the house and had to move a year earlier. I just had to find people dedicated to their work , serious and responsible professionals and above all a great human quality . They were my eyes, my ears and above my heart.I put my faith in God and trust and God sent them to me. Now I have my house, a beautiful house! But even more, also win friends. I accompanied one of the most difficult processes in the life of one person, they get a house. Because she has to be perfect because it’s not just a house, it is my home!

Victor Tricoche

Rocio and Mark did an exceptional job with our home buying process, they are the perfect duo! Mark is very professional, to the point and aggressively smooth at handling realtors and contracts, plus he is bilingual. Rocio puts a touch of elegance, designer perspective and vision searching for your taste. We were the first people to look at our current home and we were able to see many houses with our requirements. The contract that they designed was easy to understand and our offer was accepted quickly. They were able to help us find everything from home inspector to renters for our previous home. I have to say that Mark and Rocio were very prompt at answering questions and they are pretty much a 24/7 call line. We were absolutely blessed to have them as our realtors!!! We highly recommend them, Thank you Mark and Rocio!


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